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Students with exceptional needs

New Heights actively supports students with academic and socially/emotional needs.  The current continuum of services includes early identification of students’ with needs, extra supports for students before and after school, response to intervention, teacher /parent collaboration, special education services, and counseling. 

New Heights ensures that any student with exceptional needs attending New Heights is properly identified, assessed and provided with necessary services and supports. New Heights meets all the requirements mandated within a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). The school seeks to include all special needs students inside the classrooms to the maximum extent appropriate according to their IEP. 

For more information about our program for students with exceptional needs, please contact Jamie Parada or Marysol Navarro at 323-508-0155. Also, please review the following information at these links:

Parent’s Guide


Guia Para Padres


The IEP and YOU- English and Spanish


The ITP and You


El ITP y Usted