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Curriculum Overview


The New Heights curriculum is based on educational research on how children learn best.

English Language Arts

The curriculum provides a balanced approach to language development. Students write, read, speak and listen everyday building their knowledge and skills


New Heights’ teachers use the Common Core Math to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and build math fluency.  Students learn why math works in order to master complex problem-solving.

Social Studies

Teachers use active instructional strategies with Social Studies and History Alive. Students work in cooperative groups to learn progressively more difficult concepts through a process of discovery.


New Heights uses Amplify Science interactive research-based approach to science.  The science program provides active engagement for students.  The programs feature core content integrated with scientific thinking processes and literacy.

Caring Community

New Heights uses Responsive Classroom (TK-5) and Developmental Design (6-8) strategies to build positive relationships, help students bond to the values of the school, and build effective classroom learning environments. Teachers also work with caring community approaches to engage parents, and allow younger and older students to engage in cross-age buddy activities.