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Health and Wellness


Healthy eating helps students grow, learn, play, and feel good abo

ut themselves. At New Heights, faculty and staff help children understand and develop knowledge and skills in healthy eating. In addition, being active promotes physical and emotional well-being. When students are physically and mentally healthy, they learn better and interact appropriately in the classroom.

Lunch Program

We ask all parents to fill out the school's lunch application within one month of the first day of school each year.


It is very important that your children eat a well-balanced diet. Please make an effort to feed your children nutritious foods every day. If your child gets hungry in between meals, please send a healthy snack with them to school.

HEALTHY SNACKS ALLOWED IN SCHOOL: Foods such as: fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and water.

FOOD NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOL: Foods such as: candy, gum, chocolate, chips of any kind, pudding, soda, french fries, fruit juice that isn’t 100% juice/artificially colored juices, Gatorade, and shelled sunflower seeds.

Birthday Celebrations

New Heights Charter School has a birthday policy. The class will have small monthly birthday celebrations (during the last 20-30 minutes of school) for all children with birthdays in that time period. We invite you to join your child on this day as the class honors you and your child and celebrates together through reading, singing, and sharing.

If you wish to join the class for the celebration or provide healthy, light snacks, please contact your teacher. Please do not bring pizza, chips, cupcakes, cake or anything that is not allowed as part of the school’s food policy.  The celebration food is not meant to replace lunch for the day.