Earning Volunteer Hours

24 Ways to Volunteer at New Heights



  1. Serve breakfast or lunch
  2. Clean the lunch tables
  3. Help in your child’s classroom
  4. Assist with the drop off routine in the morning 
  5. Assist on the playground in the morning
  6. Help the teachers in the classroom: making copies, sharpening pencils, sorting supplies, general cleaning, etc.
  7. Assist in after school program with reading, homework help, games, etc.


  1. Water the plants
  2. Clean the refrigerators
  3. Pass out flyers / newsletters before school and during dismissal
  4. Help in the office
  5. Share your hobby or craft idea during after school
  6. Be a coach or team parent for our different sports teams
  7. Chaperone after school swim class.


  1. Attend the Parent Teas or other parent events and meetings
  2. Health Advisory Team 
  3. English Language Advisory Team 
  4. Leadership Team (quarterly)
  5. Take your child to cultural or community events
  6. Chaperone on field trips

Assist with the following events

  1. Career Day: Assist with recruiting professionals or present
  2. Field Day (June)
  3. Family nights thoughout the year
  4. Health Fair 

The school asks parents to participate in supporting their children's education by giving time to activties such as: Family Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, student writing celebrations, etc. The school also considers the time spent out of school in the library, museum, or other cultural institution in the community as a contribution. Although volunteer hours are not mandatory, we ask each family to consider contributing 30 hours and we celebrate their achievement of this goal each year at the school picnic.